Completed works

KROST Mobile App

This application was created by another team. My job was to introduce several new features including whole bunch of semi-automatic push notifications, notifications centre a to upgrade deployment infrastructure. I upgraded IOS version (Swift) and backend (Django). For the new deployment scheme I had to remotely create private cloud with Kubernetes.

Coffee Brewing Guide for Amazon Alexa

Here is the Amazon Alexa skill that I developed for London Coffee Brewery. I worked together with wonderfull voice ux designer. Together we created complex guide for multiple modern coffee machines. The main script introduced state machine and was written on Typescript using Skills SDK. Hosted on AWS Lambda.

Snapchat game

Here is a game I wrote on Snapchat Lens studio. It's a classic space-invaders where you move your ship and open fire with your face!

Temnikova AR game

This game was developed by my company. My job was creating a "serverless" backend using Firebase facilities (RTDB, Messaging, Storage, Hosting, Functions) and React Antd UI components for CMS.

QIWI Match-IT application

This app was developed by my company. My job was Crossplatform social application for IT-conference with Tinder-ish swipe mechanics and online chat. Made it with React.Native

Backend and frontend for online fashion magazine site and application

This app and this site were developed by my company. My job was creating CMS (Wagtail) and API (Rest Framework) for application as well as developing the site (django + Vue.js)

Work in progress

Multiple game platforms

EZ Gaming and couple other sites for gamers. For now there is just tournament registration platform. Soon there will be different sort of prizes, point-system, premium accounts and online shopping. There will also be game values trading platform.


Calke app. is a waste separation and collection startup.

This startup promises to be something big in Georgia.

All business part is made with ODOO framework (Python). I'm providing several front applications (React.Native) as well as general technical supervision.

Gamo - car polling Startup in Georgia is a car polling startup in Tbilis. Hopefully soon there will be MVP opening.

Recently I joined this wonderfull team as a fullstack developer. I had to finish up multiple features in their app (React.Native) as well as create new api endpoints (Express/MongoDB). I also created couple pages for Admin web app (React).

Multiple crypto-currency facilities

Fullstack WebMoney - Crypto exchange platform made on Django/Vue

Crypto Assets Portfolio control-panel, that allows too implement united trade strategy accross multiple accounts on multiple trade platforms (Kraken/Binance/Poloniex)

Algorythmic trading solution based on python Catalyst framework

Analitic System for restaurants

Multiple charts made with Highcharts/React Backend made with Django/Python collecting online restaurant business data from RK7 servers

Alexa Quiz Game

Node.js (Typescript) backend for Quiz game bazed on Harry Potter story.

AR Experiments

AR attempt with ball

Here suppose to be a ball that will stick to a HERO mark

AR attempt with nft marker

Here the ball is on nft marker

Here should be the same but main video feed has no extra latency because of the web worker

Older works

Practica Publishers online store

Here is one of my first works - eCommerce site made with oscar-django in 2014